The Unfair Advantage - Buy Low and Sell High

Every city, town and community has high, low and average homes and home prices. When there is a mismatch, you can purchase an above-average home for a below-average price. The Unfair Advantage App allows you to pick your Calgary Community first and then explore the results of the recent sales. 

You can only Buy Low and Sell High if you know what the High and Low Prices are. If you want to make money buying and selling homes profitably in Calgary, you need this.

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After you decide where and what to buy - We can set up an Auto Search on MLS® to filter for those properties only.

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Here are 3 Homes on Nov 9, 2022, in Acadia Calgary that are under both the Average Price and Average Price Per Sq Foot for the community. Only a closer inspection will reveal whether opportunities exist. Our Auto Search Set Up would have emailed you these listings the day they were listed. Usually, before the For Sale sign gets planted on the front lawn. 

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