Calgary Real Estate Opportunities

Making money buying and selling homes in Calgary starts with our Unfair Advantage. Homes come in all shapes and sizes. We focus on buying well below the market value per square foot. Size matters when combined with location and condition. Knowing where to buy and at what price to pay allows us to filter only for those properties that offer a lot of room to the upside.

Calgary has a lifetime supply of opportunities for motivated Real Estate Investors. Buy at below-average prices. Update and improve the property on a budget. Sell at above-average prices. It's a simple, repeatable system used by many successful entrepreneurs. 

Buy Low / Sell High in Acadia

This is just one time period for one community in Calgary. Many examples of buying low and selling high. There are more communities in Calgary where the spread between high and low prices offers opportunities to buy, fix and flip.

Knowing where to buy and what prices to pay and sell at gives you an Unfair Advantage.

Calgary is home to over 200 Unique Communities. The City of Calgary grew over the years from the city center out in every direction. Like the rings of growth in a tree, year by year, the city got larger. Each ring represents a point in time when new communities were added, and homes were built.
Older homes are closer to the city center, and new homes are on the edge in every direction. As you travel out from the City Center in any direction, the homes in that ring are of similar age and style.
The Unfair Advantage Interactive Tool shows the year the homes were built. And reveals clear patterns of opportunities based on age plus location.